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  • Hips & HamstringsHips & Hamstrings

    Hips & Hamstrings

    Whether your lifestyle involves sitting for extended periods of time or enjoying recreational athletics, tightness in the hips is often the result. Many of us also suffer from very tight hamstrings as a result of athletics and the absence of proper stretching.

    In this workshop we will zero in on every aspect of hip movement as well as explore effective hamstring stretches while promoting better body awareness.

    A wide range of poses will be explored both for effects on flexibility and strength in order to keep the joints healthy. Your range of motion will increase and your body will move with greater ease and fluidity.

    Sunday, Sept 29, 2019
    Mindful Body Works

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  • Aging with Strengthmuscle-mass-workshop

    Aging With Strength

    Aging is a fact of life – not to be feared and impossible to avoid. How we age is within our control. Maintaining mobility through the years is the key to a vibrant existence and ‘use it or lose it’ should be our mantra.

    Do your workouts help you maintain muscle mass? Sometime in our 30’s, we can start to lose muscle mass and function. As we age the muscle loss increases and leads to difficulty with basic functional movements and an eventual increase of falls or fractures. The key to maintaining independence, mobility and confidence is to retain/regain muscle mass by including resistance and strength training. This class will work on specific muscle groups that need to remain strong to enable good posture, balance and optimum mobility. This will improve our yoga practice while creating greater ease in everyday activities.

    Saturday, October 5, 2019
    Roots Yoga Studio
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  • Healthy ShouldersHealthy Shoulders Workshop

    Healthy Shoulders

    The shoulders are an important part of the anatomy to understand. We will examine the anatomical structure of the shoulder joint, its relation to the upper body and study the key supportive musculature.

    A balance of strength and flexibility is key in eliminating the chronic tightness of neck and shoulders. This will create ease in weight bearing yoga poses, improve your posture, eliminate chronic neck and shoulder pain and be of great assistance in carrying out daily activities.

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  • CHATURANGA!chaturanga

    CHATURANGA (aka the yoga push up)

    Without question this is the most difficult yoga pose facing most students. Done correctly – that is engagement of the needed musculature in upper body and appropriately supported by the torso – this can be an amazing strengthening pose. For many students, however it can lead to trouble when not done correctly.

    This workshop is appropriate for those new to yoga and for those interested in perking up their upper body awareness to build greater strength. We will deconstruct this pose from top to bottom and practice a wide range of exercises to build strength, stability and mobility.

    • scapular stabilization needed to do build appropriate strength
    • shoulder joint mobility and rotator cuff strength
    • hand, wrist, arm strength exercises needed for load bearing
    • role of the core and legs in supporting the pose
    • how to regress the pose to target greater strength
    • moving from plank to chaturanga with greater ease

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  • Healthy KneesHealthy Knees

    Healthy Knees

    The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body, providing us with endless support in all our daily activities. 

    When healthy, we take them for granted and when injured, they become a source of frustration. 
    With an understanding of basic knee joint anatomy, isometric exercises, and attention to alignment in standing poses, you can undo chronic pain in your knees.

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  • Yin Yang Yoga for RunnersYin Yang Yoga for Runners |

    Yin Yang Yoga for Runners

    Balance the physical, energetic and mental layers. A 1 hour dynamic practice (YANG) to build muscular strength in areas most needed by runners followed by a 1 hour slow and long held poses (YIN) to work on the deeper fascial tissue. Leave awakened and refreshed. 

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  • Classes

  • Weekly Drop-in Classes

    Weekly drop-in yoga for runners  – pre-registration is not required. Gain the full and complete benefits of yoga by attending a class geared specifically to your needs. Can’t make it to one of these – check out one of her other classes. Christine’s weekly teaching schedule is below.

    Note: New classes will be added soon!

    Mondays7:00pm - 8:15pmYoga For Runners
    All Levels
    Roots Yoga Studio
    1073 Yonge St.
    (North of Rosedale subway)
    Tuesdays6:15pm - 7:30pmStrength FlowMindful Body Works
    1278 St. Clair Ave. W.
    2nd Floor
    Wednesdays6:30pm - 7:30pmMovement LabMindful Body Works
    1278 St. Clair Ave. W.
    2nd Floor
    Thursdays10:00am - 11:15amVinyasa 1Mindful Body Works
    1278 St. Clair Ave. W.
    2nd Floor
    Sundays8:30am - 9:45amVinyasa 1/2Mindful Body Works
    1278 St. Clair Ave. W.
    2nd Floor

  • Private Consultation

    Consultation, personal program design and one-on-one instruction.